Talent Bank Launch

Talent Bank Launch

Tue 20th Sep

On Wednesday 14th September, Talent Bank welcomed its first cohort of students. Students were invited to the Institute of Life Sciences at Swansea University, Singleton Campus to meet with a range of important stakeholders within the life science sector. Among these stakeholders was Mark Jones, Principal of Gower College Swansea, who introduced the students to the project, discussing the exciting and novel opportunities that the students would be faced with.




The students were also introduced to Nigel Richards, a member of Swansea Coast Guard, who led students through a ‘Using Science to Survive’ exercise. Students were presented with the scenario that they had crash-landed in freezing temperatures and were required to rank a list of items discovered on the aircraft in order of importance. Students participated in a healthy and lengthy debate on the priority of each item, doing so individually and then within a group to come up with a collaborative response.


Students were also fortunate enough to enjoy a tour of the impressive range of facilities available at both Swansea University campuses. Nick Owen, from School of Engineering, provided a talk on the most high-powered X-Ray machines in Europe - in situe at Swansea University.


IMG_0852.jpgAmong these facilities was the Fujitsu Innovation Hub; the Hub includes an impressive range of technology, and allows the Talent Bank individuals to work within their own modern space at Swansea University.


Talent Bank looks forward to working with these ambitious young individuals over the course of the year and watching them develop the wide-range of skills required for success in their chosen career path.



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