Frequently Asked Questions 

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What is the Talent Bank?

Led by Gower College Swansea, the Talent Bank is a new and innovative education and skill programme for the regional development of skills to support the evolving life and health science sector.  Our young people will experience a broad, inclusive life and health science curriculum delivered in the context of the sector to the highest of standards: led, shaped and determined by employers and our partners.  This ensures our learners receive personalised, practical experiences offering opportunities that enrich their experiences above and beyond that normally expected in a traditional learning setting and thereby enhancing each individual’s employability and prospects for success in their chosen career pathway.

Who is the Talent Bank for?

The Talent Bank is a full-time education programme aimed at young people aged 16 years+ wishing to pursue STEM A-levels or level 3 vocational and technical qualifications.  Young people aged 18 years who become employed in the sector can pursue a higher apprenticeship programme either in the Life Science or Human and Health Science pathway.

Why does the region need a Talent Bank?

The Talent Bank is part of a larger coherent and integrated skills solution which aims to ensure young people graduate with the necessary capabilities to progress to University, or on to work based learning or to serve as effective employees of the future, as well as enhancing the region’s capacity in scientific research, innovation and economic growth.

What are Life Sciences?

Life Science is a wide field of science that centres on the study of living things, their health and well-being. Biology and Chemistry are at the core of the life sciences, but careers in this sector also draw skills from the disciplines of health and social care, philosophy, engineering, business, marketing and law.

Where is the Talent Bank located and how will it be resourced?

The Talent Bank will be located on the footfall of Swansea University’s Singleton Park Campus adjacent to Singleton Hospital. The multimillion-pound Gower College facility will be resourced with the latest industry standard equipment and technology in conjunction with access to our partners’ facilities, learners will be able to develop their technical skills in a realistic work environment.

What are the entry requirements?

If you want to study A Levels you will usually have 7 GCSE at grades A*-C with B grades in  science and math subjects. However, we do really want to discuss your own personal entry profile across a wider range of skills, so the above is for guidance purposes only.

What subjects can I study?

The Talent Bank will specialise in science, technology, engineering and math relating to medical, health and scientific professions.

Academic Route:

Choice of 3 or 4 A-levels selected from:

  • A-Level Biology
  • A-Level Chemistry
  • A-Level Physics
  • A-Level Computer Science
  • A-Level Electronics * From September 2017
  • A-Level Product Design * From September 2017
  • A-Level Business Studies * From September 2017
  • A-Level Maths
  • A-Level Further Math

Technical Route:

NEW for 2017 – Cambridge Technical Diploma in Science – Pharmaceutical or Human and Health Science (with equivalence of 3 A-levels)

Why are the days so long?

The Talent Bank aims to prepare students for employment so the day closely reflects a typical business day with an 8:45am start and a 5:00pm finish Monday to Thursday and 4:00pm on Fridays.

What are the fees and charges?

The Talent Bank does not charge fees other than the administration charges and essential clothing costs.

What will I have to wear?

In keeping with the ‘world of work’ principle, the Talent Bank will adopt a smart dress code. There will however, be some Talent Bank branded items which may be appropriately worn depending on the activity e.g. lab coats, scrubs. Certain activities will require professional business wear.

What is an Industry Challenge?

An industry challenge is a mini project assigned every 5-6 weeks. The students will be allocated a variety of project topics/problems and will have the opportunity to tackle them using the knowledge from the main programme. Some projects will be unrelated to encourage teamwork and improve research skills.

How will attending the Talent Bank improve job prospects?

Work experience is a vital part of the C.V. of any prospective employee and the Talent Bank will ensure that its students have the opportunity for appropriate and contextualised work experience regularly during the academic year.

What are the options for continuing in education after the Talent Bank?

Students can either go onto a higher apprenticeship, directly into employment or continue their studies at University. The Talent Bank will help them decide which is the best route for them.

How do I know the Talent Bank will be appropriate for me?

We have a series of open day event planned to enable you to meet our team and discuss the opportunities. There is also an opportunity to participate in a summer camp experience to see the type of activities you would be involved in. Contact our Admissions team for further details.

Do I have to choose a career in health and life science?

No, although there are hundreds of different career choices across health and life science sector, a Talent Bank education will provide young people with excellent academic, vocational and technical qualifications as well as real life employment experiences, all of which can be transferred to any career path you eventually embark upon.

What is the role of partners?

The Talent Bank has been generously supported by a group of leading organisations that want to see its students succeed. Each has played a role in developing the curriculum, ethos, and organisational plans of the Talent Bank. What this means is that everything about the Talent Bank is grounded in real life situations and knowledge. For example, students will have direct access to current apprentices to discuss work experience, university academics to investigate their future plans, human resources professionals from large organisations for advice on building personal networks and creating impressive CVs.

What are the advantages of me coming to the Talent Bank instead of staying on at my current school/going to Sixth Form or going to another college?

The Talent Banks allows a student to study a subject they are really enthused by in top quality facilities that reflect the real workplace with teachers/lecturers who have practical industry experience. Students also benefit from regular input and mentoring from professionals with local/national employers and universities.

What work-related skills will I gain?

It is important to learn skills required of the future workforce. At the Talent Bank you will gain core laboratory skills, analytical skills, mathematical and reasoning skills, communication skills, and creativity and entrepreneurial skills.  There are four key ‘skill’ strands which are supported by leading companies in the sector: Scientific research and enquiry, Entrepreneurship and Innovation,  Digital Literacy and Leadership & Management

How can I apply to the Talent Bank?

In the first instance, contact Admissions at Gower College Swansea for advice and guidance.

Tel:  Gorseinon – 01792 890750      Tycoch – 01792 284179

or alternatively email:


We will also be available at Open Day events at Gower College