Our vision is to provide a broad and inclusive life, health and technology science curriculum delivered in the context of the sector to the highest of standards in partnership with our employer sponsors and partners.

The vision for our students is that they become lifelong learners, outstanding citizens, leaders and innovators and as such as inspired to become the future generation of engineers, technologists and scientists.

Our call to action with our partners will support us in the endeavour of helping young people to stand out and realise their full potential; equipping them with the right education, skills, attitudes, experience and understanding so that they can become talented scientists, health professionals and technology entrepreneurs of the future!

Underpinning our vision for the Talent Bank is a commitment to:

  • Provide an excellent student-centred education for 16-19 years olds
  • Develop highly desirable skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • Deliver career-focused, practical and technical skill training
  • Harness employer partnership to ensure qualifications and skills training are relevant to the world of work
  • Focus on the use of new technological development to promote a more digitally literate future workforce
  • Support students to enjoy their education, to achieve their potential and to develop emotionally, socially, vocationally and academically